Friday, February 6, 2009

Delta School

Next week I will be in Hot Springs at the Delta School of Professional Photography which I serve on the Board. This is a great educational opportunity. Over the course of four days student's will get an intense small group learning and mentoring experience.

For school info (800)449-9578
February 8-12, 2009
Austin Hotel and Convention Center
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

New Studio and Gallery

We have decided to move our Little Rock studio. Two years ago when we opened our second location we looked on Kavanaugh, but at the time their wasn't anything available. Well our lease was up and the building at 5813 Kavanaugh was for lease. So in the course of about a week we have gutted, painted, built, wired and moved into our new space. Here are a few shots of the work in progress. I will post some finished photos soon. I could not have done this job without the help of many friends. You know who you are and I appreciate you all. We will have a grand opening or open house soon. Watch for details or if you are in the heights drop by and see us. We are between Browning's mexican restaurant and the Sushi Cafe on Kavanaugh.

Wedding Traditions

This shot was taken right after Brooke and Warren saw each other for the first time about 2 hours before the ceremony. It would not have been possible if they would not have seen each other before hand.

This is a little article that describes a question I get on every wedding.

Post by RELENTLESSBRIDE on Blogger Bride at

"We have had many Brides ask about meeting before the Ceremony and we love it for many reason but do understand tradition. But where do those tradition begins. While most of the Wedding traditions come from a very very long time ago, and we see that some might be out of style..

So here is the tradition about it being "Bad Luck" to see each other before the wedding:

The tradition holds to the idea that in ancient times, often the first time the bride and groom saw one another was at the actual ceremony b/c many marriages were arranged. Thus, in fear that either the bride or groom would reject the other prior based on disliking the other's looks, they were kept from seeing one another until the actual ceremony. Also, the veil was used to hidden the bride's face until the actual ceremony was done and the legalities were sealed with a kiss at which point, it was too late to change your mind. Thus, they say it is bad luck to see each other before the actual ceremony. As one blogger puts it "So the tradition that it’s “bad luck” for a man to see his bride before the ceremony really started out as insurance for her dad (b/c he had arranged the marriage of his daughter with a stranger)"

Reasons why many people are going the "non-traditional" route and seeing each other pre-ceremony:

* The wow moment can still be there as when you walk down the aisle, except in this private moment, the bride and groom can truly enjoy it with full emotion and the privacy of holding on to that moment between the two.
* Photographs can be taken of immediate family, friends and bridal party. This can help make the after ceremony photo session shorter, and give thebride and groom a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests.
* Getting the photographer to focus on "the moment" that the bride and groom see each other. The Bride and Groom can also pick the scenery in which these pics will be taken... this can give this set of photos a more artistic scenery while also maintaining the pictures from the actual ceremony.
* It can alleviate the "stress" of seeing one another making the moment more enjoyable and less stressful during the ceremony.
* Enjoy the photo shoot without worrying about the guests or that you are missing out on the cocktail hour
* You feel fresher. Make up, hair and etc are all fresher. And if its earlier in the day, it could be cooler depending on which season you have your wedding in
* Technically, last minute details can be discussed - although this is not so romantic, it can definitely help in the practicality aspect.

The part that appeals most to me is that the photographer can really capture the moment (and the immediate moments that lead to) the first moment we see one another. It really can be more romantic and dramatic this way, b/c the wow factor would still be there but there will would also be less distraction!"