Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Common Question

If there is one question I here asked more than any other it is how often do I recommend people get there portraits made. We do not offer any special packages with portrait plans until your kids graduate. Although many of my photographer friends tell me how great they are. I think it is simple, when you look at your portraits and then you look at your children or family and they don't really resemble one another it is time. This is what I try to do. When the kids are young that will pretty often and as they grow older not as much. There are some milestones that I recomend like at least two to three times in there first year and again when they are two and three. Agian, if its been a while, right before what I like to call the awkward years 10 or 12 is a great time for a family portrait as it might be the last one you do for awhile. And if your family is growing up, the last ones graduating high school [don't forget the senior pics] that is a great time for a family portrait. That could be the last time your family is just your family without in-laws and grandkids. Anyway hope this helps some of your questions on when to call. Of course I would say if you are reading this blog then its a good time to make an appointment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're Back

Sorry it has been so long. It has been a crazy month and there is much to tell. The biggest news is Brooke is engaged which means we will be heading to Aspen CO. in October to shoot her wedding. Brooke has only been back with us since September and has been a great asset we are happy for her but will be very sad to see her move. Her fiance Warren is in Massachusets. Anyway that is the big news. We are about to wrap up school this week and get into the summer plans. I promise to get more posts online next month.