Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Canon 5D Mark II

Sorry I have been out of the loop. I am playing catch up from the holiday break. I am working on a new website, blog as well as a new charitable photography side to the business. In spite of my lack of posting there is more going on than ever. I have several big things in the works so check back soon for a lot of changes. Oh yeah, If there was any doubt that I would be getting this camera it all disappeared the minute I watched this video. "Reverie" Shot entirely with the new 5D. This camera will change the way I do photography.
This is a still shot from Vincent Laforets video "Reverie"
You must watch it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Sweetie

I know we have talked enough about Brooke's wedding but I had to include one last photo of Melissa and I dancing at the reception. Destination weddings are one of my favorites especially when Melissa comes along.

More from Brooke's Wedding

" Just a few weekends ago we experienced a bitter sweet moment for Lance Johnston Photographers! As most of you know, Brooke Bailey married a Massachusetts boy and is no longer working for Lance Johnston Photographers! It was a short but fun time that she was on our staff as wedding photographer and manager for the Conway Studio. She moved to Colorado after high school to study photography and fell in love that state ( and also fell in love with Warren Thomas). So of course when they got engaged her first reaction was " WEDDING IN APSEN"! We were all very excited to hear that she was engaged, getting married AND that WE were going to be her photographers for her wedding! The setting could not have been more beautiful! I agree now when photographers say "location location location".... But of course our subjects were perfect as well! We hope you enjoy looking at a few of the highlights from the weekend!

(the first picture is one that Brooke's mom took a week before the wedding when they had a huge snow! Of course the snow was gone by the time we landed in Aspen! But i'm so glad that her mom caught this photo! It describes Brooke adequately)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Senior Time Again

Here are a few of Hannah's senior pics. Seniors is one of my absolute favorite things to shoot. If you are a senior or have a senior give us a call.

What's New

Hey guys there has been a lot going on. I just got back from our annual trip to Dallas. I will post some shots soon from that.
Earlier this week we made a trip to Jonesboro and photographed several new families. Thanks to Brandon and Brandy Adams for their hospitality. Melissa Barb and I also recently returned from Aspen where we were shooting Brooke's wedding. It was incredible. I love Colorado anytime of the year. Here are a few shots from the wedding that Barb and I took.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wedding at the Rockefellers

Here are a couple of images from Liza and Chris's wedding at the Rockefeller mansion. This was without a doubt one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever shot. Barbara, Brooke and I shot all weekend on this wedding and it was amazing.

Why I shoot weddings

  Emily and I are sitting in our hotel room about to take off for our honeymoon.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for what we felt was a fantastically done job yesterday.  Emily and I were amazed at your balance of getting everyone together, and then letting us alone for just the right amount of time.  We could not be more pleased with how things went."

I thought I would share with you guys an e-mail from the bride and groom from last weekend's wedding. This is a big reason why I photograph weddings. Being able to capture the most important day in someone's life is a big responsibility but when all goes well there is nothing more gratifying.

I just returned from the Southwest regional convention in Arlington Texas

Southwest Professional Photographers is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. Many photographers don't realize that when you join the APPA you are automatically a member of the SWPPA. You also can attend the Southwest convention for free. Check out there website at www.swppa.com

Check out our ad in At Home

The image we used in this ad was from Dallas and Shanna's wedding .The wedding was at Collin's peach orchard and it was a beautiful wedding.If you are looking for a truly unique place to have your wedding, the orchard is an incredible choice.

It's been a while

Hey guys sorry it's been so long.
I will try to catch up a little bit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A cool day

I had a very cool day I was trying to think of photographers to invite to our next convention. I decided to go for the best so I called Denis Reggie. If you are not familiar with him you will remember his famous photograph of JFK jr coming out of his wedding and kissing his wifes hand. It is arguably the most famous wedding photograph ever taken. Anyway he agreed to come and speak at our convention next July. If you are a photogrpher mark you're calendar now for the 14th of July 09. It should be cool.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Legends Online

I just dropped a new link on my favorites to the Legends Online page of the Photo District News website. There are galleries and interviews with some amazing photographers from Arnold Newman to
Denis Reggie
and Steve McCurry. Please take a look at some of the people who have shaped the industry of photography over the past century.

Artefact Studio

I wanted to show you guys the new company we are using for our wedding albums. These albums are wonderful. Whether you are a potential wedding client or a photographer you should check these albums out, they are fantastic. Our goal with weddings as with all aspects of our photography is to offer great looking, classic and timeless products. Artefact Studio is the perfect compliment to my photographic style.