Saturday, December 30, 2006

Professional Photographers of the Ozarks

I have been a member of and attending PPofO conventions for about ten years. Some of our favorite people and our mentors are part of the Ozarks. We have always loved spending time with the Petersons, Lagows, Whitakers & others who really took us under their wings when we were new in photography. Several of those friends also attend {ICP} International Christian Photographers and have been an inspiration to us personally and professionally. 2006 was a particularly good year as I was able to capture Photographer of the Year honors. Ozarks consists of photographers from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma & Kansas. There are some superb photographers in that group and it truly is an honor to win there.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Well, I am finally giving in to the blogging trend. I apologize to all of you that I have mocked behind your backs. 2006 has been such a busy year that I can hardly keep up. I hope the "What's New" section of my website will be a good way to keep you, our friends, clients, and fellow photographers up to date with what's going on with us. Come back often to see what's new with us.