Thursday, February 28, 2008

A voice for Burma

For over half a decade the Southeast Asian country of Burma has been ruled by a ruthless military regime. During this time Burma has become one of the worlds leaders in human rights abuses, political oppression, and isolation.
The Burma advocacy group is an organization of local students and young adults dedicated to making the voices of these forgotten people heard.
This is an amazing group of people who are making a huge difference in the lives of the people of Burma. The two images in this post will be auctioned at their second annual fundraiser this Saturday at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock. Our good friend Jenny McNulty is the contact person for this orginization. Her number is 501.908.6678. If you would like to help these people give Jenny a call. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these prints we will donate all the proceeds to this group. The prints alone are $150.00 each and $300.00 matted & framed.

Master Your Craft

Barbara and Brooke just got back from Dallas and the "Master your Craft" seminar with Mike Colon and Bob Davis. Mike and Bob are both wedding photographers to the stars. I am excited that Brooke and Barbara had this opportunity. I am constantly keeping up with the newest styles and techniques in photography. The best way to do this is attending these seminars and conventions.
I am excited to hear all that they have learned. By the way Mike Colon is our headliner for our state convention this summer.